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Frequently Asked Questions

 Keep your home or business comfortable with Cool Tech Heating and Cooling. We are dedicated to delivering excellent service for air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration. If you're looking for more information about our commercial and residential services, please check out our FAQ questions.

  • What services does Cool Tech offer for cooling, heating, and refrigeration needs?
    Cool Tech offers a comprehensive range of services for all your cooling, heating, and refrigeration needs. Our team of expert technicians skilled in installation, repair, and maintenance for air conditioning units, heating systems, and commercial refrigeration equipment. Whether you need a new AC unit installed, a heater repaired, or a walk-in cooler serviced, Cool Tech has the expertise to handle it all. We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable service to ensure the comfort and efficiency of your home or business. Let Cool Tech take care of all your cooling, heating, and refrigeration needs with our professional and personalized approach.
  • What factors should I consider when choosing a heating and air conditioning system?
    Selecting the most appropriate heating and air conditioning system depends on several factors, including the size and layout of your home or business, the number of occupants, how often the system will be used, the square footage, and your budget. We're here to help you navigate the multitude of options available and provide you with detailed information to aid in making a decision that meets your preferences and financial constraints. Here are some key questions to ponder: Are you considering central heating and cooling? Would you prefer a furnace with 80 percent or 96 percent efficiency? Which type of furnace—single-stage, two-stage, or modulating—would best suit your needs? Are there any rebates offered by manufacturers or utilities? What amount of ductwork will be necessary? Although the process may appear overwhelming, our team is available to assist you every step of the way. With expertise in all types of heating and cooling systems, we can offer a comprehensive evaluation of the benefits and drawbacks of each option.
  • What are the optimal methods for heating and cooling a residence?
    What are the optimal methods for heating and cooling a residence? The most suitable approach varies based on several factors, such as the usage patterns of the house or business, its dimensions, the number of occupants, and various other considerations. In areas like New York City and Long Island, common heating and cooling options include electric, oil, natural gas, heat pumps, and wood. Additionally, factors like the quality of insulation and the presence of ceiling fans, which aid in air circulation for enhanced efficiency, are essential to consider. We're here to assist you in exploring your alternatives and providing the necessary information to help you determine the most suitable solution for your needs.
  • What capacity heating/cooling system is suitable for my needs?
    What capacity heating/cooling system is suitable for my needs? The ideal system size depends on various factors specific to your home; there's no universal solution. Factors to consider include the square footage of your home, whether it's multi-story, its level of insulation, and other relevant considerations. A common error is purchasing a system that is too large, resulting in inefficiency and increased utility costs, demonstrating that larger doesn't always equate to better performance. Conversely, a system that is too small will struggle to adequately heat or cool your home. Contact us, and we can guide you through the process of accurately calculating the optimal system capacity for your property.
  • How often should I replace the filter for my heating/cooling system?
    The frequency of filter replacement for your heating/cooling system can vary depending on several factors. Generally, it is recommended to check and replace the filter every 1 to 3 months. However, if you have pets that shed, smoke in your home, or if the system is used more frequently, the filter may need to be replaced more often. Additionally, different seasons can impact the lifespan of your filter, with more frequent replacement often necessary during heavy usage periods like summer or winter. Cheaper filters typically do not last as long as more expensive, pleated filters. At Cool Tech Heating and Cooling, we recommend regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your heating/cooling system. If you have specific concerns or questions about filter replacement, our experienced technicians are here to help and provide personalized recommendations for your unique situation.
  • What brands do you recommend for my heating/cooling needs?
    At Cool Tech HVAC, we understand that there are many good brands on the market for heating and cooling systems. The best brand for you is the one that efficiently heats and cools your home or business and fits within your budget. We work with a variety of reputable brands, including but not limited to Carrier, Fujitsu, Cooper & Hunter, Trané, LG, and Mitsubishi Electric, to ensure that we can recommend the best system for your specific needs. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that offers optimal comfort, energy efficiency, and reliability. We consider factors such as the size of your space, your specific requirements, and your budget to recommend the most suitable brand for you. Rest assured that we only recommend brands with a proven track record of performance and quality to ensure that you receive the best HVAC solution for your home or business.
  • Do You Handle Emergency Repair Services?
    Yes, at Cool Tech, we understand that cooling & heating repair emergencies can happen at any time, especially during extreme weather conditions. That's why our highly-trained technicians are available when you need them, throughout the Tri-Borough New York City area. Our fully equipped trucks allow our staff to quickly diagnose and fix your cooling & heating repair emergencies, providing you with reliable and efficient service when you need it the most. You can count on Cool Tech to keep you cool and comfortable, no matter the time or weather.
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